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If you are looking to enhance your property appeal by adding lawn to your outdoor space, Nova Landscaping Ballarat is your number 1 choice. At NBL, we offer both instant turf installation as well as artificial grass installation services.

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Instant Turf Installation 

Organic turf installation, cutting and installing the turf Ballarat Vic
Laying blocks of turf down

Instant turf installation involves sourcing the grass from one of our reputable suppliers and installing it in your home or other property.

There are a few critical steps involved in the instant turf installation. These include preparing the area weeks before the planned installation, clearing it of weeds and so on. In the next step, 50-70mm high topsoil is to be laid and rolled to an even surface.

We will then bring the turf to your site in the form of rolls and install it.

The installation usually begins from the edges and then moves towards the centre. This is a job to be carefully handled so that the edges are closely laid together, thereby ensuring the turf does not come apart.

At NLB, we understand that the task of installing turf has to be done with care and by using top quality grass.

We bring in the latest technology and make sure you have the best turf in Ballarat.

Artificial Grass Installation

High quality, artificial grass roll - Ballarat
Installing artificial grass - Mornington Peninsula

These days, the trend is to go for artificial grass for your lawns or other surfaces. The advantage is that you hardly need to maintain it. The synthetic grass or turf doesn’t need to be watered or mowed and will remain bright and green throughout its life.

Artificial grass can be laid even in small or large areas around the perimeter of your home. It can be as narrow as 1 meter or 5-meter stretch. Artificial or synthetic grass will lift the very appearance of your home since the bright green colour of the artificial grass will remain the same irrespective of whether it rains heavily or the weather is hot and humid.

The artificial grass we lay in your home will withstand all that and serve you for a long time. The artificial grass was once considered to be very unappealing. However, that is not the case now with the high-quality synthetic grass available today. Artificial grass installation will save you a lot of money and effort at maintaining it as well. With our vast experience in landscaping areas, we will be able to help you create the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

How Much Would Instant Turf Installation Cost?

 When it comes to instant turf installation, the cost is around $35 per square meter. There can be minor variations, and these are only indicative costs.

How Much Would Artificial Grass Installation Cost?

The cost can differ according to which product you choose for your place. If you take the synthetic grass installation, for example, the artificial grass cost plus the charges for synthetic grass installation can vary between $50 and $100 per square meter. The variations will be based on the quality of artificial grass you select.

Why Choose Us to Install Your Lawn?

Nova Landscaping Ballarat is one of the most reputable lawn installers in Ballarat and surrounding areas. We have a team of lawn installers with several years of hands-on experience in landscaping and lawn installation. We offer our services with the highest level of safety and professionalism. We will fulfil your dreams of having a fantastic looking outdoor space for your property. We will make sure you get the best value for the money you spend in artificial grass installation and instant turf installation.

Steve installing turf in the front yard - Ballarat
Roll of artificial grass - Nova Landscaping Ballarat

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Perfect communication, design and service! We are very happy with the guys and what they've created in our backyard! Will definitely recommend using Nova Landscaping Ballarat to everyone! Great work! Trish & Jim

Unbelievable creativity and delivery - I have no words - Just stunning work! Very impressed and love our new front yard. Anthony L.

Great services from the guys at NLB. They were proactive in getting in touch with me and offered ideas and solutions throughout the entire project. There's no way I could've done all of this myself and I am very thankful I called them! Robert T.

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